The coach of development
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The Hungarian American Football Federation (MAFSZ) begins a new series of articles, in which coaches and players from the North American continent speak about what it is like in their Hungarian teams, how did they get to Hungary and what methods are they using to reach their goals. This series not only include people from the USA but from Canada.

For the first time, I asked some questions from Andre Bynoe, the offensive coordinator of Budapest Cowboys, who arrived from Canada and before he began coaching he played as a running back at the Cowboys. He started to working as a coach early, and he worked in France and Denmark. Besides coaching teams, in Denmark he was working with the national team there and now he keeps training for the running backs of the Hungarian national team. Bynoe talked about how he likes to see his patient and hard work bringing long waited positive results. That is the reason why I gave him “the coach of development” title.


Why did you decide to come to Hungary and how did you get in touch with Hungarian teams?
Actually, I took a year off from play. Derrick Demyanick, a defensive tackle and lineman for Cowboys with whom I played in Denmark, contacted me a few years before. We were national team coaches together but we were opponents in club football. We kept in touch, Derrick contacted and invited me to come and play in Hungary. And the last thing I know is I am here in Budapest.


You were a running back but why did you decide to become a coach?
I have been a coach way before. After university I was coaching High School in Canada and then I was playing and coaching in Denmark and France. I was helping in the Danish national team as well, and then I went back to Canada and trained in Ajax. My expertise was that I understood the game and my position pretty well, so I was able to help out teams everywhere.

You also played for Cowboys and built up a true loyalty to the team. Now you are coaching them. How does it feel to be a member of this team?
It is always great because it is nice to see something that you have started and built. And then you like to see it continue to build and get stronger and stronger. I started to see it develop over the years. This is what makes it better because to start something halfway and not finish it is lazy and I hate it. Sometimes you just got to be more patient with teams. I know here in Hungary it takes some time because you are developing things from the bottom and sometimes people want to rush it. I like to develop everything step by step and if it takes a long time, it takes a long time. But at least, if it takes a long time and the development is there then it will stay. That is the reason why I like to stick around the Cowboys.


Now you are the running back coach of the Hungarian national team. What does that mean for you?
I always had honor to represent a country. I always liked to win when I did a national team in Denmark and I had a good time with the coaches and the players. I think it is an opportunity for the players and the leagues to get to know each other and develop better relationships. For me it is just a good opportunity to help other teams and other parts of Hungary learn because they sometimes do not have the opportunities. The best players all over the county now have the chance to learn. It is a great honor to be part of the national team.


What is the difference between the European leagues you played and coached in and Hungary?
There is a much more professional atmosphere. Like in France there are people who work behind the team all day. When I was at this French team, they just came up from division one to the National League. Now they are the French champions. Denmark, the same. Both my teams put a lot of money, put a lot of time in it and they are patient too and do not rush it. They let the teams build up from junior to senior. Then the senior team gets very good. I think this is the difference. They need to be patient until the juniors build up and come up to the senior team. Right now our team is at that point because our juniors are starting to come up to seniors. This is a younger league compared to other Europeans. They started everything way before us. It is going to take us a lot of time to develop. Still it is on the way. However, more concentration into financing would help a lot of teams.


What are your plans with the Budapest Cowboys?
In terms of Cowboys, I am working with first year guys, our job is to start them from the bottom and develop them early. That way, when we move them up from second division then from first division, they can compete in HFL. We want to have these guys prepared because even if you see some HFL teams they are losing the technical value. My point is to teach these guys the technique and start developing it super early, right away and get them used to it to be ready for these divisions.

Photos: Makranczi László



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